Galaxy S4 Problems: Smearing, Lags, WiFi, Power Button and Restart Camera Update

galaxy s4 text smearing

#1. Galaxy S4 Text Smearing

Samsung has already released an OTA (over the air) update to fix this according to sites like Phone Arena, GSM Arena and others. On a related article in Digital Trends, the issue has been attributed to a hardware limitation of the device. So, for those who are still experiencing this after Samsung’s update, one remedy for it is by using an app like Screen Adjuster.

#2. Galaxy S4 Lag in Lock Screen, Home Button and Gallery

For those who are experiencing lags in the Lock screen, Home button and Gallery, check the #2, #3, #4 and #5 solutions of the article we published before here about the Ten Most Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems.

#3. Galaxy S4 WiFi Issue

If you are having problems with your WiFi, there are two things that you have to check. First is the WiFi settings of your phone and the other is the settings of your router. You can also find a quick way to go around this trouble in the #7 solution of the Ten Most Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems.

#4. Galaxy S4 Power Button Not Working

There have been numerous complaints about this in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and other Galaxy devices that were released before. Based on the forum of XDADevelopers, this might be a hardware failure on the part of Samsung. So, there is actually no known fix for this. But if the problem is really serious and it is already preventing your unit from functioning well, you can probably, visit your smartphone dealer and discuss the issue with them so you can get a replacement or have your unit repaired.

Then, if you have been using your phone for quite some time now, the interior of the device might be worth checking. Try to open up your unit and check the part of the power button. See if there are dust particles or other foreign objects deterring the proper function of your key.

#5. Galaxy S4 Camera Restarting Update

For those who are experiencing problems with their camera, wherein it restarts whenever it is used, one user provided a tip that a recent firmware update released by SamMobile has fixed it.

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