Galaxy S4 Problems in Auto-Zoom, Assigning Pictures, Cracking Noise in Headphone

Galaxy S4 Screen Automatically Zooms

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S4 never runs out of problems. But we are more than happy to assist you in whatever problem you are facing.

This time, we will discuss the issues with auto-zooming, assigning pictures in contacts and the cracking noise that the audio of the phone emits when using a headphone.

#1 Galaxy S4 Screen Automatically Zooms Even When Playing a Game

When you are playing a game and you find that your phone zooms in automatically when tapping the screen three times, then you must have the Magnification Gestures feature turned on.

To disable it, simply perform these steps:

a. Press Menu from the Home screen.

b. Go to Settings.

c. Proceed to the Device tab.

d. Choose Accessibility.

e. Scroll down until you find the Magnification Gestures option.

f. Turn off the feature.

That’s it your phone will no longer auto-zoom when tapping the screen three times in quick succession.

#2 Galaxy S4 Won’t Assign Pictures in Contacts

If you are having trouble assigning pictures in your contacts then you are probably doing it to the people listed in your SIM. To be able to assign pictures in your contacts, simply copy the entries from your SIM to your Phone memory. You can only assign images in the people listed in the contacts saved in the Phone memory.

#3 Galaxy S4 Gets Cracking Noise in Headphone

If your phone emits a cracking noise when tuned up under a headphone and none of the causes in my previous post here are present, then it may have something to do with the headphones. International Digital Times reported that the issue has been prevalent with aftermarket headphones.

The source said that the problem does not occur in the stock headphones of Samsung because they are tuned in at 32 ohms. Most aftermarket headphones possess half or even lower depending on the frequency which creates the problem according to the report. The article also noted that the issue is usually present in the GT-I9595 model of the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor.

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