Galaxy S4 Problems: Battery Drain, Email Delays, Auto Shut Down

samsung galaxy s4 problems

Recently, I encountered various complaints about the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Here are the problems that were sent to The Droid Guy Mailbag by some Galaxy S4 users:

1. Galaxy S4 Phone battery drains out even when the programs are off except in Airplane mode.

The Airplane mode is a setting that suspends many of the device’s signal transmitting functions such as receiving calls, text messages and accessing the Internet. Thus, activating it will effectively save up your battery as it disables all the apps that require communicating to a source.

One user said that she was having problems with her battery getting drained even if all the apps are off, except while under the Airplane mode. So, the possible problem might be some apps might still be communicating to a network even when not activated. That explains why this does not occur during the Airplane mode setting.

To address the issue, simply disable the automatic updating of your apps by performing the following steps:

a. Open the Google Play Store.

b. Go to Menu and access Settings.

c. Uncheck the box next to “Auto-update apps”. You can also select the important apps that you want to be updated automatically on a regular basis here.

2. Galaxy S4 delayed emails.

This was encountered by the user who submitted the issue above. That means it might be related to the activation of the Airplane mode. As mentioned, Airplane mode suspends the communication functions of the phone. So, after turning it off, that’s only the time when notifications start coming in. Some users even complain that text messages come in an hour or more after the deactivation of the Airplane mode.

I am not saying that this is normal, however, the lag in messages has been a common occurrence in some phones after coming from an Airplane mode. The delayed messages can happen as well if you are having connectivity problems with your carrier.

3. The Galaxy S4 turns off when on speakerphone.

It is really hard to pinpoint the source of the issue because there are many possible factors that might be causing it. So, I wish that there were more details about it. But based on one forum of AndroidCentral, this probably has something to do with rooting, the operating system or the hardware.

If the problem occurred after rooting your phone, simply unroot and flash it. Then, I noticed in the forum that the problem usually happens with the Jelly Bean 4.1.1 too. If that’s the case, just update to the latest version of the OS.

Lastly, if all else fails then you are most likely looking at a problem with your hardware. If your warranty is still active, then you can have it checked by a repair shop acknowledged by Samsung.

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Reader Feedback

Below is a tip from our reader Ray, a IT Professional.

I read your article about the battery drain and airplane mode. What I did is turn off sync and Google update and that helped a lot. But like some users that have problems connecting to dlink wireless routers, I have a belkin vision and my phone has serious problems maintaining a connection with it but I have had a blackberry and iPhone and iPad using it for years without a problem. I have noticed it stays connected to Wi-Fi connection but loses connection to internet so apps keep trying to update but with no internet all it does is drain the battery. I have to use my data plan until I get a new router because the battery drain was too much but running on just 4g it has been fine. Funny that a 2010 router using N doesn’t work with this phone, I have read that others have the same experiences with d link. I’m truly bothered by this problem since other phones work fine and I stream have VoIP phone.. 30gb download speed. Just sharing my experience as a IT professional. In still considering a bigger battery because the normal drain is still tough for me to stomach since I’m a BES administer, blackberries seem to handle data better and that also benefits battery life just wish they had better app choices and weren’t headed down hill.

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