Galaxy S3 Problems: Music Skipping, Lag After OS Update, Cut Text Messages

Galaxy S3 Skipping Music

Here are some more problems that were sent to us through the Mailbag:

#1. Galaxy S3 Skipping Music

If your music keeps on skipping like a damaged CD, there might be a problem with the app that you are using to play songs. So, why don’t you try using another music player instead? Determine also if there is another app causing the issue.

But if all else fails, simply perform a factory reset and wipe on your device. This seemed to work on majority of people having the problem in the Android Central forum.

#2. Galaxy S3 Lag After OS Update

After one user has updated to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean she noticed that her Galaxy S3 has been lagging. It takes a lot of time for her to run apps.

She said that upon inquiry with the Customer Support of Samsung, she was advised to reinstall the new version. So, she did what was asked. But up to now, she is still experiencing the same problem.

Since we can now rule out improper installation among the causes, that leaves us with either too many processes running in the background or a problem with the update itself.

To easily close the apps running in the background of the Samsung Galaxy S3, just hold the home button and then press the trash bin icon. If your phone is still running slower than usual, perform a factory reset to revert your unit back to its original settings.

A last resort if all else fails would be to downgrade the version of your OS.

#3. Galaxy S3 Receives Cut Text Messages

There are some factors that should be looked at when experiencing this problem. First, it could be a simple glitch. Second, the carrier might be causing it. Third, it must be the settings of the SMS app that you are using.

Try to rebooting you phone before anything else, if this is just a simple glitch in the system, it will definitely fix the issue. If the problem persists, check if some people in your area or your senders are experiencing problems in sending their SMS. Ask your senders also if they are having difficulty in getting signal in their location. If not, check the settings of the SMS app that you are using in your Galaxy S3.

When everything fails, consider doing a factory reset to your device because you are likely having a trouble with your system.

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