Galaxy S3 Google Maps Battery Drain, Cut Messages and Camera Overheating

Samsung Galaxy S3 Maps App

#1. Why is Google Maps Eating Too Much Battery Life in the Galaxy S3?

This question was sent by a Samsung Galaxy S3 owner after noticing that his battery power usage listed Google Maps as having the most consumption of energy. This was despite turning off the GPS and Foursquare.

The Possible Cause

According to a forum in Android Central, it is likely that your Location Settings are enabled in Google Maps which makes it run intermittently.

The Solution

To fix this, just follow the following steps:

1. Run the Maps app.

2. Proceed to Settings.

3. Go to Location Settings.

4. Turn off the Location Reporting and Location Sharing options.

That’s it this will now reduce the battery consumption of your Maps app.

#2. Why are the Messages Cut Off When Sent From Samsung Galaxy S3 to Other Units?

According to another Samsung Galaxy S3 owner, some of his friends are telling him that his messages kept being cut off at random words. That results to an incomplete message on the part of the receiver. He added that those who are complaining possess flip phones.

The Likely Cause

Looking at the inquiry, it is clear that there may be an incompatibility on the end of the receivers. This is because some cell phones only support up to 160 characters per message. Thus, when it receives a message longer than 160 characters, it separates it into several parts.

#3. Camera Overheating Issues

For those who are experiencing overheating in the camera area of their smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S4 included), you can find more information about it in my previous post by clicking this link.

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