Galaxy S3 Composed Message in Email Gets Deleted Automatically when Erasing Words

Galaxy S3 Composed Message in Email Gets Deleted Automatically

There have been plenty of complaints about the composed email messages in Samsung Galaxy S3 getting deleted after performing the auto-correct function or after deleting some of its contents. Upon researching on the issue, I found out that there have been similar complaints in the Verizon Wireless forum.

According to customers who contacted Verizon about the issue, the carrier provided them no exact solution for the problem. The customer support of Verizon simply denied having a hand with the issue. The same response was given by Samsung to the troubled customers.

The carrier and the manufacturer advised customers though to clear their cache or perform a factory reset if the first solution does not work. However, the complainants said that the solutions did not solve the issue.

It is worth noting as well that many customers stated that they started getting the problem when their carrier rolled out a couple of OS updates.

Based on these facts, I strongly believe that the cause of the problem is the recent firmware update of the carrier. A software limitation in the part of Samsung cannot be ruled out too.

If any of these is the case, then all we have to do is wait until Samsung or Verizon sorts out the problem. I know this is pretty lame but let’s just hope that they will roll out a new update to fix the bug soon. Users will have to deactivate the auto correct function of their devices for now. Also, they should avoid making mistakes while composing their email messages for the meantime to eliminate the need to delete some words or phrases, which is a situation that triggers the bug.

In addition, it is highly recommend for all customers experiencing the problem to file their complaints with their carrier or Samsung. This is to force the carrier and manufacturer to speed up their process of developing a solution to the problem.

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