Galaxy Note 2 Stuck Emails and iPhone WiFi Problem

Galaxy Note 2 stuck emails

This is in relation to the email sent by a Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone owner.

#1 Galaxy Note 2 Stuck Emails

Apparently, the problem is that her Galaxy Note 2 is having email messages stuck in her outbox for over a week already. The emails cannot be sent and they can’t be deleted as well.

The issue appears to be a glitch in the system. So, one way to solve this is by restarting or resetting the unit. Usually, this fixes the problem.

I also saw a similar problem with another Android device in the Android Central forum. According to the contributors there, the problem was solved simply by turning the Airplane mode on. After that open the email and delete the stuck messages. Then switch back to the normal mode. It seemed to work with plenty of users there so this solution might be worth trying.

#2 iPhone WiFi Problem

The other problem involves receiving emails late when using WiFi with the iPhone. She suddenly receives loads of messages and emails whenever she gets off from her WiFi connection at home.

There seems to be a similar problem raised by iPhone users in one of the XdaDevelopers forums. Based on some who managed to overcome the issue, all they did was uninstall and reinstall the Whatsup app. It was fixed too by updating the said app.

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