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Final Fantasy IV for Android Video Review

FinalFantasyIVSquare Enix Titles are a fair bit more expensive than your typical mobile game. The company’s latest Android offering is no different. Final Fantasy IV is priced at US$15.99 on Google Play. Now, I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, though not a long time fan. My minor addiction to Japanese Role Playing Games can be blamed solely on Android and I have happily hacked and slashed my way through Final Fantasy Dimensions and Final Fantasy III, which were equally expensive offerings. Still, when forking out that much cash for a game, I do not jump in a make a quick purchase. Instead, I sit back and wait for some actual user feedback.

Final Fantasy IV has obtained a solid 4.4 rating on Google Play based on 629 ratings. Android Authority has a fairly comprehensive video review of the title. The reviewer found the price tag hefty for the offering, saying “while we can’t defend the $16 price tag, it’s a small price to pay for this iconic title. Not to mention the fact that there are hours upon hours of content to play through. Still, we understand that most people will find the game to be way too expensive compared to the standard Android app.”

I think I have enough to make a decision. The graphics seem to be a step up from Final Fantasy III, and there are differences in the gameplay that should make this title feel like a fresh experience. Looks like a good “tool” for occupying down time for the next two or three months.

Source: Android Authority

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