Feedly gears up to replace Google Reader, reveals roadmap

Feedly released a roadmap that details how it will help consumers move easily from Google Reader into their service. Feedly says that such roadmap is a collaboration with users, who provided the necessary feedback and suggestions.


The roadmap shows the RSS feed aggregator’s top priorities. These are speed, search within Feedly, pure web access, Windows Phone and Windows Phone 8, improved group sharing, bug fixes, and apps.

Among these, Feedly is giving speed its top priority. In an effort to provide such feature, Feedly expanded its dev and ops teams to improve the user experience regarding speed on the RSS reader.

Searching within a particular user’s Feedly content, was initially deemed difficult by the Feedly team. However, Feedly recognized the value of such feature. Thus, Feedly promised to eventually offer the search functionality.

Feedly support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 was also a suggestion that was put under review. Feedly says that it planned to provide an API which will be compatible to that of the Google Reader. By doing so, Google Reader apps that do have support for Windows 8 will remain functional.

Another commenter asked to make Feedly available as a full web service, as well, without the need for extensions or plug-ins. In its response, the Feedly team said that it is looking into making Feedly a web service in the future.

Next, the improved group sharing item on the roadmap is a response to their survey regarding the matter. 7,000 respondents participated in the survey, specifying what they wanted to be included in Feedly’s enhanced sharing feature. Some such suggestions are the ability to target small groups of people as well as threaded conversations.

Bug fixes, with regard to login, adding feeds, and utm_source, among others, are also part of Feedly’s targets.

Feedly likewise announced that it had teamed up with the makers of the Reeder,  gReader,  Press, Nextgen Reader, and Newsify apps. It has allowed integration with these apps before July 1, which is when Google Reader is scheduled to shut down.

Last March, it was reported that Feedly welcomed 500,000 former users of Google Reader into its service.

via engadget, feedly