Facebook reveals Video on Instagram

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Facebook has just announced at their press event “Video on Instagram”. You’ll be able to take 15 second videos, upload them, and apply video filters. In addition to video filters, users will also be able to go back and edit their videos, something that isn’t currently available on Vine. Facebook cites that they have added “world-class stabilization” to their software in case you are moving or walking fast.

When you go to take a camera, you’ll now see a movie icon in the bottom right hand corner in order to take a video. This will allow users to shoot, upload, and share their video. Another cool feature is that users will also be able to choose a cover photo for their video, so others can see a preview of your video.

In addition to Video On Instagram, Facebook also announced 13 new filters, including Stinson, Vesper, Dogpatch, and a plethora of others.

Facebook also announced today that there are 1 billion likes daily, 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram, and 130 million people use Instagram every single month.

The update is now available from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

Source: Instagram