Facebook could be developing its own RSS Reader


Following the news of Google Reader closing, many companies, including Digg, have announced sufficient work will be done in the field to develop a new Reader for the masses.

Facebook could be a part of the group developing a new RSS Reader, even though most of the Google Reader populace have switched to Feedly, Reeder and other solutions already.

Tom Waddington, a web developer, spotted a small bit of code that could hint at Facebook developing an RSS Reader. We wonder how Facebook will work around this to make their reader interesting.

Facebook could use the huge amount of publishers and journalists on the social network to make a home-grown, first party RSS Reader. The reader will be free with supported ads, as all things Facebook are.

The social network would also integrate social aspects into the reader, perhaps offering articles friends have read and allowing simple sharing to Facebook and other social networks.

It does seem like a clever idea, one Facebook could profit on.

Source: Mashable