Facebook Introduces Android Beta Test Program, Available Now through Google+


A few months ago, Google announced how developers could beta test their apps to a select number of users using Google+. Many developers behind apps such as Falcon Pro and Nova Launcher have already adopted this new program, and this morning Facebook has announced that they are joining the party as well. Starting today, Android users who are interested in joining the beta test program to test pre-release Facebook builds can sign up through Google+, helping Facebook iron out any bugs before the specific app build is released to the general public.

This is a pretty great program for Facebook to introduce especially considering that they have recently been trying to get the Android Facebook app up to par in terms of quality with the iOS app. Hopefully this well help both users and Facebook identify what needs to be improved.

Facebook specifically outlines these steps in case you want to become a beta tester:

1) Join the Facebook for Android Beta Testers Google group

2) Allow beta downloads by clicking Become a Tester in the Play Store (you need to join the Google Group before becoming a tester)

3) Download Facebook from the Play Store to update your app

4) Join the Facebook for Android Beta Testers group on Facebook to tell us what you think

Source: Facebook