eBay invests in Shopping touch panels


Now that ecommerce has evolved to a stage where it’s actually easier, more convenient, and a usually a whole lot cheaper to shop online, going out to shop is something that many are starting to do less and less.

Many stores have suffered from this, and it’s clear that high streets and shopping centers are slowly dwindling away. In fact, shops in the UK such as Blockbuster, HMV, Comet and GAME have either shut down completely or have had to find other means to continue their business.

It is now perhaps a time for retailers to rethink their strategies, otherwise their business will inevitably go down like a sinking ship.

eBay may have an answer to this problem: The answer is this- Adding giant 9 foot by 2 foot touch screen panels in stores across New York that can be used to order products online and have them delivered to the customer within one hour.

At first glance it sounds pretty cool, maybe even a tad ambitious by the PayPal owned website, but how can this actually add convenience to the average shopper’s lifestyle?

Personally I think it would be advantageous to have the ability to purchase an item from these screens on my way home from my friends’ house, from work, or wherever else I may be visiting. I also have the benefit of having the item delivered quickly- Rivaling the retail scheme with the average pizza delivery service.

Currently, this service is very limited, and it has only started to take off now- One fashion brand has so far partnered with the service, but so far no other businesses have made the headlines.

Source: Reuters

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