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Divvy is a new app that aggregates all of your photos from your various social networks and streams them all in one easy to manage place where you can view them. The app also allows you to save photos from Instagram, zoom in and share with a group of individuals. When you save an image from instagram it saves them at full resolution, the only problem with this app is that you can’t post photos directly to the service.

The app focuses more around simply viewing rather than interacting, there is no way to like or comment on the photos that both posts on Divvy and the original source of the photo. Hopefully in the later iterations those features will be added to the app, The app is available on the iPhone but there is no word whether they will be coming to Android soon. The free app has social aspect as well you have your account and people can follow your activity just like twitter.

Just like Facebook you can make photo albums and on your account page the photos that have been aggregated will show up in a Instagram style, you can scroll through them to your hearts content. The app needs to go through some refining before it will catch on massively but it is not far off.

Update: CEO Jeremy Greenfield indicated the Divvy app does actually allow users to ‘Like’ and comment to Facebook and Instagram.

Source: TechCrunch 

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  1. Thank you for doing the review! From Divvy you can interact to both Instagram & Facebook right now! We’re building an Android Waiting List now! Please email [email protected] if you want to get the Beta version!



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