CyanogenMod to Offer Secure Messaging Service to Rival iMessage

One of the world’s most popular third party ROMs for Android devices aims to create a much more secure mobile environment. CyanogenMod which is popular for its Incognito Mode feature is currently working on an encrypted messaging service which is called PushSMS and aims to rival the security features of iMessage.

Steve Kondik of CyanogenMod fame said that people are now more focused on data security. “One of the interesting developments of the past couple weeks is that iMessage, is not snoopable by a third party, not even Apple (or so they would have you believe ;). Regardless of whether that is true; I love the design philosophy of iMessage: it works transparently, and encrypts the user’s message between iOS users and fails over to SMS as needed. Frictionless.”

The idea of PushSMS is that it provides a secure way of sending text messages between two CyanogenMod devices. Messages sent will be encrypted end to end making it extremely difficult for unauthorized people to intercept. This is achieved by using a plugin built into the system.

According to Kondik “I’ve built out a secure/push based messaging plugin for CyanogenMod. Messages between two CyanogenMod will be encrypted end to end and sent over GCM. It’s built into the framework; so it works transparently, even with third party apps. (This is actually one of the cooler points IMO, and I do a lot of testing with GoSMS, etc). It’s basically PGP (encryption + authenticity) for text messages, built into the system.”

As of this time PushSMS is still in heavy development and isn’t ready for active testing yet. We will be monitoring this new project and give you the latest news once it’s available.

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