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comScore report: Apple still in the lead as the top manufacturer in US

The latest comScore report on active smartphone users are out and the report show that Apple is still the leader in the Smartphone users’ category.

smartphone user share Jan to March

According to the report during the three month period starting from January 31st to April 31st, Apple has increased its share in the market. The smartphone user share of Apple increased slightly from 37.8% to 39.2%. Samsung too saw an increase in the smartphone users but the increase was very small. The company’s share in the US market increased from 21.4% to 22.0%, i.e. by .06%.

However, the growth in Apple and Samsung users were at the cost of other manufacturer’s . HTC which is in the third position saw a -0.8% decrease. The previous three month figure was 9.7% which fell to 8.9%. Following close behind, Motorola still occupies the fourth position with a share of 8.3%. Finally LG sits at the bottom of the top 5 table with a market share of mere 6.7%.

As you may have noticed, the figures shown above are of the period when S4 was not yet commercially available. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 only started selling around May which is not included in the report. Hence we might see some changes in the next three month report from comScore. But as the lead from Apple is so strong, we can’t actually say whether Samsung will overtake Apple by the end of the year, even with its record breaking sales.

HTC may also record some better figures in the next report as the production is set to double in the coming months. As we all know, severe component shortage hindered the sales of the device, hence if they manage to produce enough HTC One’s satisfying the demand, we may see some better figures in the future.

top platforms Jan-March period

Undoubtedly, in the top platforms category, Android is sitting at the top of the tablet with a share of 52%. Apple is in the second place with 39.2% followed by Blackberry at 5.1%. Microsoft is still at the fourth place with a market share of 3%.

Unless Apple manages to invent something revolutionary in the coming months, we are sure that android will remain the top platform in the country driven by the strong sales of devices like the S4 and HTC One.


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