BlueStacks brings Apple iPhone, iPad games to your TV


BlueStacks is going to venture into Apples territory and bring iOS games to the big screen, they are using a technology called Looking Glass which enables them to run iOS games on televisions. This happens through virtualization, taking iOS games and modifying them so they can run on the Android based console, this may send the fan boys into cardiac arrest.

The technology doesn’t require BlueStacks to form a partnership with Apple, they can go straight to the developers and ask them to make some minor modifications so their apps will be able to run on the Gamepop console. The service requires a $7 per month subscription; this allows the users to access 500 top mobile games and apparently $200 worth of paid games included for free with the console.

The Gamepop console is going on sale this fall and this service could really cause problems for the games console market, this console is more for the causal gamer the hardware isn’t groundbreaking but it’s usable. BlueStacks are offering a subscription to their service and the $130 console with a single controller coming this winter for those of you who want to get you hands on the hardware. The service is looking to expand and not just be shackled to the console, they hope to be available on many other devices very shortly.

Source: VentureBeat

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