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BlackBerry Q10 Sales are Looking Great According to Analysts


The BlackBerry Q10 has been well-received by consumers according to analysts. The performance of the device in the market has been looking great since its introduction. That means there are still many consumers that prefer a phone with a physical keyboard.

BlackBerry Prediction

Thorsten Heins, the CEO of BlackBerry, has a strong faith with the BlackBerry Q10. According to All Things D, he predicted that the product will sell well, so he strongly pushed for its aggressive marketing.

Looking at the research notes published by analysts from Jefferies, Societe Generale and Walls Fargo, the decision of Thornstein was a wise move. Recent market figures displayed that the QWERTY phone has been doing great in the market. In fact, it even surpassed the sales of its predecessor, the BlackBerry Z10, said the experts. Then, they added that the favorable numbers in the sales of the Q10 will surely offset the slow sales of the Z10.

Notes of Analysts

Based on the report, Peter Misek of Jefferies said that his channel checks showed the amazing performance of the Q10 recently. Andy Perkins of Societe General explained that the sales of the units are expected to reach a mark of almost one million in the fiscal first quarter of the year.

Maynard Um of Wells Fargo further elevated the positive ratings of BlackBerry by confirming that the Q10 sales will indeed beat the current expectations for its fiscal first quarter. In his note, he commented that there is a good Q10 customer interest and demand. He attributed the success of the product to the huge number of people that still prefer phones with physical keyboard.

Despite Um’s views that reflect those of Jefferies and Wells Fargo, he noted that the timing of the Q10’s launch could limit it.

BlackBerry Shares

The report concluded that BlackBerry shares are trading up lately with a $14.50 value.

Source: All Things D

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