BlackBerry earnings call shows 2.7 million Q10 and Z10 devices shipped


BlackBerry recently trumpeted a profit last quarter, surprising many investors and leaving others questioning if BlackBerry could continue the success or if this was a one off.

It seems this quarter has a little more bad news, BlackBerry has had a little loss but more importantly they released numbers on devices sold. The company shipped 6.8 million devices this quarter, although only 2.7 million were BB10 devices. This is pretty bad news for BlackBerry, who are looking to go up against iOS, Android and Windows Phone. If we look at the Z10 against the Galaxy S4, Samsung grabbed 10 million sales within the first month, BlackBerry managed just under one million.

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It seems analysts were right about stockpiles of BlackBerry Z10 devices starting to stack in Europe and the US too, with the BlackBerry Z10 plummeting in sales after the one million announcement. The Q10 has faired a little better, showing their is some life left in the keyboard smartphone, although not nearly as much as their is in Android and iOS at the moment.

Source: BGR

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