BBM expected to hit the App Store on June 27th

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BBM is finally coming to other platforms and it is expected to arrive in the Apple app store and the Google play store on June 27th, this information comes from a tweet from T-Mobile UK. The download will be free for anyone running iOS 6 and Android 4.0 or higher so if you want to join in with the BBM fun make sure your device is properly updated before the release.

No one expected BBM to come to other platforms but since the announcement was made there has been a lot of people getting excited to either use it for the first time or to reconnect with their BBM friends. BlackBerry treading on the toes of a very large chat service that has become very popular across all of the major platforms. Whatsapp has been the go to app for instant messaging across the platforms for a long time now and they will suffer an initial blow to their user numbers.

The app release is also interesting since BBM was the deciding factors for some people whether they get an iPhone, Android or stick with a BlackBerry. Now that the service is universal Blackberry will have to work extra hard on their hardware and software to entice new users.

Source: Engadget

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