BBC comes out with a stytlish new weather app

BBC Weather App

Today the BBC has launched their new weather app both for iOS and Android, bringing along with it a infusion of the classic icons with a new style dynamic. The app is very minimalistic and the information and stats are presented in a easy to read fashion. The features include a five day prediction of what the weather will be like along with wind speed forecasts. UV levels and pollen count data is also added to the app along with hourly update.

The background of the app displays what the rest of the day is most likely to be like for instance cloudy or raining the background will change to an image of that weather. The design of the app is clean and crisp. The Android version of the app has a few more surprises like DashClock that allows you to add mini forecasts to lock screen of you phone running Android 4.2 or higher.

This app is a prime example of an app that is cross platform and is done better on Android for once, there are many other features that are exclusive to the Android app such as logging location data via NFC. This app go nicely with the rest of the BBC apps that they have been launching in the past few months.

Source: Gizmodo

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