Barnes & Noble will give Nook line to third party manufacturers


Barnes & Noble will be spinning off Nook’s in house manufacturing development. This is not the end for Nook, Barnes & Noble will look for third party licensing deals, to make sure they don’t lose money on the physical side.

Books are still a valued commodity, Amazon is doing incredibly well with the Kindle line, still by far the best selling e-reader on the market. Amazon Publishing is grabbing lots of attention from writers too, giving Amazon exclusive titles for the Kindle store.

Barnes & Noble on the other hand is losing money and the tablets have been unsuccessful as well. This is in part due to Barnes & Noble’s inexperience against a big juggernaut of an opponent and the fact Nook has not been successfully advertised.

We believe they will look for companies like Samsung, Sony and other big manufacturers to take over the role of developing the hardware, while they provide the books. We are unsure who will provide the platform, we believe Barnes & Noble is separating all ties from anything other than distribution.

Via: The Verge

Source: Barnes & Noble

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