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Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a, an Advanced Android Malware Threatens Users

[Photo Source: Ars Technica]
[Photo Source: Ars Technica]
A known computer security company revealed that there is an advanced Android malware that has been going around recently. According to the Android Authority website, the new malware that threatens Android users is known has a filename called Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a.

The Dangers that the Malware Has

The source said that the Obad.a malware was discovered by Kaspersky. The security firm said that the new Android malware is actually a Trojan. But the researchers who have been studying its behavior said that it is unlike anything that has been recorded before. This is because the Trojan apparently possesses a wide variety of malicious actions and it is very complex in nature.

Among the many things that the new malware can do, according to Kaspersky, are sending text messages with parameters that contain number and texts. Then, it deletes replies made to the text. Next, it downloads a file from a remote server and automatically runs it for installation. All Bluetooth-enabled devices in the vicinity can be infected by a unit carrying the malware.

There are many other dangers associated with Obad.a that includes stealing personal information of the user like contacts and financial details.

Its Clever Behavior

The report stated that the Obad.a comes as an encrypted data to the device of the victim. It also takes advantage of the vulnerabilities of the Android operating system. Currently, these traits make the Android malware difficult to detect and analyze.

Source of the Problem

The culprit behind the problem has not been identified yet. The motivation behind the creation of the advanced malware for Android is not yet clear too. But the source noted that the Obad.a initially made its way to a couple of Android devices in Russia.


Due to the complexity of the Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a, no solution has been identified yet. But a new patch from Google later might do something about it said the report.

Source: Android Authority

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