Babuino Aims To Transform Your Smartphone Into A Mouse, Game Controller

A new crowd-funding campaign over at Indiegogo aims to USB flash drive sized device that connects to a computer and allows a smartphone to act as a wireless mouse, keyboard, game controller, or camera. The device, which is called Babuino, works on PC or Mac and does not need any configuration. You will also be able to control your smartphone with your computer such as writing and sending text messages using your computer keyboard.

The goal of the campaign is to reach $40,000 with less than two months more to go. A $25 pledge gets you a Babuino stick or board that’s expected to ship out by October of this year. You will be able to use this on your Android or iOS device (jailbreak needed). Once the device hits the market its price is going to be $35.

If you are feeling a little bit generous you can donate as much as $400 which gives you one Babuino stick and board and gives you a beta tester status. You will be the first one to test out the device and share your impressions of it.

The team behind this device is coming out with two versions of the Babuino. There’s the stick version which is like a pendrive and is recommended for most users. The board version comes unboxed and has accessible pins. This is recommended for developers who want to tinker around with it. Both versions have the same hardware specs.

Babuino Technical Specifications

  • 100% Arduino compatible.
  • Built in Bluetooth V2.0+EDR module.
  • Built in Infrared RX and TX.
  • Based on the ATXMega128A1U microcontroller.
  • 128KB Flash Memory (without Bootloader).

So what makes this different from the other smartphone controller solutions out today? Most tools that allow you to use your smartphone as a remote control for your PC are software based and needs special drivers to be installed. Babuino is a hardware solution that works straight out of the box without the need for special drivers. This makes it very easy to use for the everyday smartphone user.

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