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AT&T extends wait for phone upgrades from 20 months to two years

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AT&T has now extended the period of time that customers will have to wait to upgrade their phone for 20 months to two years, the company announced this change via their blog. The changes applies to new customers and anyone whose contract ends in March of 2014 or later, customers currently under contract will get one more 20 month upgrade before they are added to the rest of AT&T customers.

Customers still have the option of just buying a new phone out right and swapping the sims. Verizon has already announced that their change in upgrade cycles will take place in January 2014, so across all of the major American carriers you will have to wait two years before an upgrade will be available to you. But there are some exceptions for instance T-mobile got rid of their traditional contracts in favor of an installment plan for its phones.

This is bad news for those of you who get bored with your phone very easily and don’t want to have the hassle of of find the correcrt size sim for you new sim whether it be a micro sim or a nano sim. You’ll just have to wait those four extra months to upgrade you phone which can feel like a life time for some.

Source: TheVerge

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