AT&T could be another bidder in the Hulu acquisition


It seems the Hulu bidding war is getting even hotter, with a serious contender stepping up to possibly grab the video streaming site. AT&T could be in the running, acting alongside the The Chernin Group, to grab Hulu.

This time around Yahoo, Time Warner and DirecTV have all placed high bids for Hulu, these bids could be in excess of $1 billion.

We can see the relevance in Hulu, even if the deal all depends on what exclusivity the new owners get on content and how licensing deals will be managed with the current owners: Comcast, Disney and News Corp.

AT&T may want the streaming service to compete against Verizon Wireless for TV content on mobile, or they may just want to expand their business.

We have no news on how much AT&T has bid or if they have even bid, but it seems to be a clever move by the carrier.

Source: BGR

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