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AT&T Changes Upgrade Cycle to Match the Offer of Verizon


The AT&T upgrade cycle was revealed to undergo a couple of changes. The official announcement of AT&T about the changes came yesterday afternoon.

According to Droid Life, the decision of AT&T to tune up its upgrade policy is to match the length of the upgrade period provided by Verizon to its subscribers.

Last April, the report said that that Verizon changed its upgrade cycle from a 20-month period to 24 months. Recently, AT&T adopted the same time frame for its upgrade policy.


Based on the source, new policy only covers customers with contracts expiring March next year or at a later date. That means subscribers who will have their contracts expire earlier than the indicated period will not enjoy the new policy and that the old rules in terms of upgrading still apply to them.

The Upgrade Options

Here are the AT&T upgrade options revealed by the report:

  • Customers who will buy a subsidized device that has a two-year wireless contract will be able to upgrade it at a subsidized price after 24 months.
  • Sharing an upgrade with another person included in a customer’s account is allowed as long as it is within the same class of device. For instance, an iPhone can only be traded for an iPhone and tablets can only be upgraded to another tablet.
  • Reaching six months or more in the Service Commitment of a subscriber will enable the person to avail of a partial discount against the full retail price of a new device with a new two-year wireless contract.
  • Trading in a smartphone (with a maximum age of three years and in good working condition) will let the client get at least $100 markdown on the next smartphone purchase.
  • Purchasing a device at a full retail price without a contract is allowed anytime.
  • Customers can opt to bring their own GSM-enabled device and sign-up for their service without a Service Commitment.

Source: Droid Life

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