AT&T 4G LTE Network Determined to be the Fastest in the US

at&t 4g lte
The 4G LTE network of AT&T is the fastest but Verizon was deemed by experts to be more available to smartphone users.

A new research claims that AT&T 4G LTE network is the fastest in the United States. The record breaking discovery came from PCMag according to BGR.

The Testing Procedure

The report said that the website tested all the four major carriers in the US using eight Samsung smartphones that have the same model and specs. The tests were conducted in around 30 cities of the country.


The AT&T 4G LTE came up on top in terms of connection speed. However, the article noted that Verizon happened to be the most reliable among the rest. This is probably because despite the fast connection of AT&T, it tends to fluctuate in some areas. On the other hand, T-Mobile should have been really great if it weren’t for its low availability. Sprint is still in its introductory phase in the LTE markets but the demand for its service is currently on an upward trend added the source.

Based on the article, the download speed of the AT&T 4G LTE averaged around 16.65 Mbps with an upload speed of 7.43 Mbps. Verizon only scored 11.93 Mbps in terms of download speed and 6.25 Mbps in upload speed. The T-Mobile 4G service was only tested on six markets but it performed surprisingly well as it gave off a reading of 12.07 Mbps in download and 7.09 Mbps for the upload. For places without LTE, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network  reached a 7.91 Mbps download speed mark and 1.42 Mbps in upload speed.

Sprint appeared to have struggled in the testing. It only scored 5.55 Mbps during downloads and 2.41 Mbps in uploads.

In terms of the highest recorded download speed, AT&T topped the list with 66.11 Mbps. This is followed by T-Mobile’s 62.03 Mbps and Verizon’s 59.83 Mbps. Still Sprint was left behind with its max download speed of only 32.32 Mbps.

Source: BGR