Asus Transformer Book Trio can switch between android and windows 8 instantly

Can’t decide between windows 8 and an android tablet? Asus’s Transformer Book Trio might be the perfect device for you!

Asus had a wonderful time at Computex unveiling some of the most interesting gadgets of the year. But among these, one specific device stood out from the crowd. This was none other than the new transformer Book Trio.

asus transformer book trio

The device is both odd and interesting at the same time, as it is world’s first 3 in 1 notebook, tablet and desktop PC. What’s even more interesting is that it comes preloaded with windows 8 and android.

Now, having two Operating systems on a device is not a new thing but what if I told you that you could switch between the two almost instantly. Yes, you heard that right! Asus claims that the Transformer Book Trio user can switch between android and windows in no time. If the switch is really instant, than the device is truly a transformer.

Along with this amazing feature, the device packs some powerful specs under its hood. The 11.8 inch 1080p tablet will run the latest version of android powered by the 2.0 Ghz Intel Atom processor. It comes with 64GB inbuilt storage and should last for around 15 hours.

When the device is connected to its dock, it transforms into a powerful notebook computer. The keyboard dock acts as a full fledged desktop Pc with its own processor and storage. So, when you connect the tablet with the keyboard dock, what you get is a true desktop pc experience. The dock comes with a powerful fourth generation Intel Core i7 U4500 Haswell processor with 1 TB storage. It also has an inbuilt battery to help power up the tablet.

Well, we are really amazed at how Asus managed to integrate so much technology onto such small device. This truly is a device which can be a replacement for all our gadgets in the future.

Now that we have seen the specs of the device, all we are concerned about is the availability and the pricing. As of now, we have no details of the same but we’ll keep you updated on any details on the product.