Asus rumoured to be launching a new 7 inch tablet


Leaked product listings have indicated that Asus has a 7-inch Android based tablet in the works, the new tablet is rumoured to have Bluetooth stack with v4.0 low energy. The name of this rumoured 7-inch tablet is Asus Koo8, from the mock ups that have leaked to the the internet it has a remarkable likeness to the Nexus 7.

The tablet when launched will be running the latest Android operating system this tablet seems to be the step before Asus  come out with their next trick the MeMo Pad HD 7, Asus have got a few promising tablets that just need to be refined a bit more and they would be perfect for the Android market. Asus look at the Android tablet market as something that with a little more work they could become the top dogs in. Just like Samsung owning the Android smartphone market Asus think they could do the same in tablets.

The new tablet comes after the a week of official announcements from the big tech companies, since there was no new of an iPad mini refresh at WWDC and Google haven’t made anymore announcements about new tablets. It’s time to for Asus to strike as it were with no major competition poking their heads out.

Source: Engadget

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