Apple to stream live video of WWDC to Apple TV

Apple WWDC Invite

It is almost time for Apples annual developer conference WWDC and the company has officially brought back its  “Apple Events” tab on the Apple TV, this means that the event will be live streamed to all Apple TV’s. A similar channel appeared on the Apple TV last October before Apple announced the iPad mini event, they later announced that you could also view the live stream the Apple website. There has been no news yet whether or not we can view the conference via the Apple website, but there is a good chance that we can.

It is not just the live stream that you can watch via this channel on the Apple TV you can also view previous Apple keynotes, so before the live stream you can catch up on past keynotes. The keynote is set to start at 10:00 am Pacific Time and there are many sites that will have live coverage. You can even watch via your Apple TV or if Apple allow it via the Apple website later on today when the keynote kicks off.

The focus of WWDC later on today is rumoured to be totally iOS orientated, with the unveiling on Jony Ive’s new flat looking iOS and maybe a sneak peak at iRadio.

Source: MacRumours

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