Apple to launch iRadio service soon; reaches deal with Warner Music

Apple who has out fronted his name as most “Innovative” company does not leave any opportunity to amaze the industry and ease its facilities for their users. Recently, rumors were in the air about Apple’s iRadio. The company dealt a deal with Warner Music Group and Warner Chappel to help bring Apple’s free Internet Radio into the market.

Apple iTune


iRadio is Apple’s latest offering which will be offering free radio services via Internet. Apple is struggling hard to bring iRadio on Worldwide Developers Conferences which it to begin by June 10. However, there is nothing from Apple press room till date even spokeman Tom Neumayr declined to comment anything on iRadio yet. But, rumors are there that iRadio will be presented in WWDC.

Media label Warner was first contacted to work out a deal for iRadio. Apart from Warner, negotiations with Universal Music are still in process. However, there are not confirming words from Apple neither any labels about the results of these deals.

Few labels were agreed to let Apple pay a per-stream rate that was accurately half what the labels get from Pandora. Pandora is a similar service like iRadio. But later sources confirmed that Apple had to pay similar rate what Pandora pays all other labels. If Apple get some negotiated rate as compared to Pandora it will be question mark for Pandora future. Obviously, users will shift to iRadio and Pandora will be left alone in the industry.

Apple has made its mind to launch this service, eventually their labels have to leverage something to get Apple for board. Because Apple still has a big chunk of market share. At the part of labels they want to get most out of this deal. Pandora is on board with them, and if they are able to get Apple on board at some time during negotiations labels would be able to get extra bucks. Labels are trying hard not let get of potential revenues resources.

Apple plans something big out there. Apple plans to have audio ads on iRadio it will help Apple pay these labels as well as make money out of it. Further the services will be connected to iTune (apple’s record selling app). As far as the design of this app is concerned, it will be simple neat design allowing users to easily purchase their favorite song with just one touch.

Let’s just hope Apple breaks somewhere on negotiations table so that Apple users can enjoy another worthy service.

via – cnet