Apple shows what iOS7 will look like on iPad and iPad Mini



When Apple showed off iOS they did it all with the iPhone, which led people to question if the iPad OS would have something slightly different. However, these rumours have been flattened with the release of images showing the iPad and iPad Mini running iOS7.

It is a shame Apple will not add widgets on the home-screen with the added real estate. We would love to see the iPad and iPad Mini become more productive with new home-screen and lock-screen configuration.

The iPad Mini and iPad 4 are expected to get all the different features on iOS7, some updates will come to people using the iPhone 4 and above, the iPad 2 and above and the iPod 5th generation.

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  1. The Samsung S4 puts the new iPhone 5 to shame and is cheaper. You get more bang for your buck. The S4 is far superior to the new iPhone5

  2. josh, regarding old hardware getting bumped by newer IOS releases: Are you kidding kiddo? The entire Android tree of versions and configurations is a one way street to thousands of dead ends. Even within a single device maker you get stuck on a branch with no upgrade. Android was the best thing that ever happened to global corporations that want you to buy a whole new phone to get a feature. Silly boy.

  3. josh, you need to step back and rethink things. Applications, applications, applications. Widgets are old school and mostly half featured toys. Name one great widget that improves your life but has no App that does the same thing better.

  4. Apple hid this computer under a tree and spouted this new iOS. While it grew the colors faded and because the brightness and happiness is gone I am wondering whether the people of the forest will enjoy this creation. I think that maybe Apple should have grown this system in another place.

    The little blue shirted workers have been chewing on plants that make them dream a lot which is why the screen has this dizzy look with circles floating around the place.

    Cook or the Ive are dazed and aren’t seeing their product properly as they would have noticed the screen is white without any character. Just little lines etched into the screen. Makes me wonder why they don’t pick another place to grow their system. The world is a big place with lots of gardens.

  5. From what I can tell Samsung just throws everything against a wall and sees what sticks. They do have some pretty clever ideas, but most are pretty lame.

  6. The unfortunate reality is that idevices do unexpected things, hamg and crash just like Android, Windows and OSX devices. Nothing eve works perfectly ever… And these days everyone is pretty equal when it comes to reliability and usability.

  7. Churning out the same products that Jobs dreamed of won’t get them past a few more years. Apple is lucky that no other company is innovating that much either. For sure, Apple dropped the ball on the Apple TV as Samsung’s new TV’s can read hand signals. Dried up.

  8. Oh! This is a droid site. No wonder. To each his own, let market share show which devices are most satisfactory. For me (and I think for the big market), it isn’t ultimate configurability, it isn’t just widgets/ no widgets, it isn’t just screen size, it’s everything, including, primarily, does the device work flawlessly, can I expect that all available apps will work, will I have unexpected crashes/huh?moments. For my computer I’m willing to put up with more problems, but not my phone or pad.

  9. agreed That’s why I moved on really look into android at first it looks odd just like anything when you change but if you stick with it you will ask why you ever thought of iphone pad anything the things like widgets are there and if you get tired of them change them atleast you have an option why just hope for something new next ios they don’t listen anyway just do what they want. Also then your older models get bumped from ios version how dumb is that what a slap in the face

  10. Like everyone else, not deep in Apple’s butt, has been saying. Apple is done with innovation. They have nothing else new coming. They have burnt all of their bridges with other people. Samsung no longer gives them the best chips and they charge them 20% more now days.

  11. Ya that’s what YOU think which is just fine but ios never lets YOU do what YOU want with YOUR phone just add it (widgets) and let each person decide they just colored some icons really lame. Just switch to android for complete control or stay stuck with whatever they want YOU to have why have options anyway really half a grand for a phone and months of locked in service contracts how dare you get what you want you selfish person

  12. So having thrown out ‘think different’, the iphone and ipad become like android etc, but without other useful functions. is someone asking ‘why pay more for like goods’ yet? I prefer the dreams and talent of Jobs’ team – the new team just don’t have it. IOS7 looks just plain bland blah..

  13. Widgets arnt that cool. We have know this for years. They are sexy at first, but a nuisance later. Why aren’t widgets so popular in Lion, or any other OS? Apple abandoned widgets long ago for a reason.

    Widgets are only nice in the “Honeymoon” phase.

  14. Changes to the UI look nice but totally pales in comparison both visually and in terms of productivity/usefulness to windows devices. They need to be bolder.

  15. Yes, its a shame. From the begining i felt ipad should have a different version of home screen due to is size factor. I was really hoping ios 7 will be great change for ipad too with some really cool widgets. Really frustrating ….

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