Apple Offering its Own iPhone Trade-In Program to Boost Sales

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For years, carriers have been offering iPhone trade-in programs to boost their sales and to give loyal Apple smartphone enthusiasts a chance to upgrade their devices to the most recently launched model of the brand. But according to a report by Bloomberg, the Cupertino-based company is planning to launch its very own trade-in program for the first time to give owners of old iPhone models (probably iPhone 4 and 4S users) a chance to get their very own iPhone 5.

Details About the Program

The report claimed that the information came from “people with knowledge of the plans”. The insiders mentioned by the source stated that they wanted to remain anonymous because Apple did not publicly reveal the plans yet. The insiders of the news site leaked that Apple has partnered with Brightstar Corp., a mobile phone distributor, to facilitate the iPhone trade-in program.

A Good Way to Boost Sales

The article added that Brightstar is also responsible in handling trade-ins for AT&T, T-Mobile and other known carriers in the US. The source explained that by offering money for older smartphones, Apple CEO Tim Cook is seeking to entice customers to upgrade to the latest models of the iPhone brand. This would help the company’s efforts to reignite sales growth and to combat its declining sales, said the report.

Roger Entner, an analyst from Recon Analytics LLC (a company based in Dedham, Massachusetts) said that this is indeed a good strategy for Cook’s company to jumpstart its continuously decreasing smartphone sales. This is because it has the potential to lower the consumer’s out-of-pocket expense, he further commented.


When Apple spokeswoman, Amy Bessette, was asked to provide the giant tech firm’s side of the story, she declined to comment. Bightstar’s spokesman, Patrick Foarde also refused to comment on the leak.

Source: Bloomberg