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Apple MFi Game Controllers for iOS Hinted at WWDC

[Photo Source: The Verge]
A reference to the MFi game controllers. [Photo Source: The Verge]
Last April, we have reported that Apple is planning to develop its own game controller. Analysts have played down the rumors and Apple refused to comment on the issue. But the recent Worldwide Developer’s Conference finally confirmed that Apple is indeed working on MFi game controllers.

Earlier Meetings with Developers

In the same report that we have published earlier, we cited PocketGamer’s Jon Jordan to be claiming that some developers in San Francisco met with some Apple officials to discuss the development of an Apple game controller.

Apple’s Past Patents

The past patents of Apple, which were filed prior to our report, also pertain to a series of hardware for game controllers. So, this led us to believe that there is a strong possibility that the company will be releasing its very own controller for its line of devices soon.

The Revelation

The MFi game controllers finally came into light when Apple officially unveiled it in one of its slides during the keynote presentation of the WWDC last Monday. At a glance of the main photo above, this can be easily overlooked because the slide that featured it seems cluttered with so many points. But by paying more attention at the upper section on the right part of the slide (where the red arrow points), an observer can read the phrase “MFi game controllers”.

How the Controllers will Look

According to Verge, Touch Arcade has posted images from an Apple developer guide which showcased the designs for the new controllers.

MFi Game Controllers
Possible design of the Apple MFi game controllers. [Photo Source: The Verge]
The photo shown in the report indicates that there are two designs being considered for Apple’s upcoming MFi game controllers. One controller possesses a screen, similar to the ones found in current Nintendo consoles. The second one has the combined features of the Xbox and Playstation controllers complete with Bluetooth connectivity dual analog sticks, D-pad and face buttons.

Source: The Verge

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