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Apple Keeps a Solid Grip on iOS 7 to Continuously Drive Away Developers

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Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted in a previous interview that his company may become open to third parties soon. However, the recently released Apple iOS 7 remains to be heavily guarded against the tinkering of developers outside the company.

According to TechCrunch, the move of the Cupertino-based tech firm to create its own substitutes for widgets, new phone customizations options and the overall categories of existing apps are clear indications that outside developers are still unwelcomed when it comes to tinkering with the new Apple operating system.

Keeping the Reputation

For the past few years, critics have been complaining about how Apple keeps its applications closed to third parties said the source. But Apple reasoned out that the move is necessary to keep the integrity of its operating system. The company added that the decision is to ensure that customers buying the iPhone, Macbook Pro, iPad and its other products will only get a reliably great experience from them. So, the firm will do everything it can to protect its reputation by keeping its apps largely unaltered by third-party developers, the report said further.

Native Features are Keeping Developers Out

Apple certainly introduced a lot of innovations in its new mobile operating system during the previously conducted Worldwide Developers Conference. But one thing is constant within the company, its disregard for customizability pointed out the report.

Still, users will not be able to modify their home screens, lock screens, shortcuts and launchers. Instead, Apple ported all the most important tools of the iOS 7 into its Control Center as a way to make up for it. Just a swipe of it would enable users to modify a number of crucial switches and sliders for the various apps of the iPhone.

The source noted also that the new Apple iOS 7 now offers the flashlight mode which functions through the camera’s flash hardware. This is definitely a bad news to all developers who have invested heavily in creating flashlight apps for the iPhone.

Source: TechCrunch

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