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Apple Could Face Problems Patenting the iWatch Brand Name


It seems like the rumor about the upcoming Apple smartwatch, which will be carrying the iWatch brand name, might be true after all. According to numerous reports, notably from TechRadar and CNET, the Cupertino-based firm filed an application to patent the iWatch brand name in Russia.

The Patent

Citing a report last Wednesday from a Russian newspaper Izvestia (as translated by Google), the sources claimed that Apple filed for IGS trademarks with Rospatent, the patent and trademark office of the country. The first patent covered computers and peripherals while the other was related to “hours”, pointing to a wristwatch-type device.

This indicates that the iWatch might finally be a go and it is already nearing its unveiling stage.

The Problems

However, the reports said that there seems to be a problem with the iWatch brand name. Based on the sources, a variation of the term has already been in existence in the country since 2006. Currently it is registered and being used by the online wristwatch reseller called

A Russian patent attorney commented that in order to be able to get the legal right to use to the iWatch name, the existing trademark has to be repealed first by the court.

In 2011, Techradar said that an unnamed company also tried registering the iWatch name. But it was denied by Rospatent when it was found out that it conflicted with an earlier mark for “iswatch” which is a trademark owned by Swatch AG, the famous Swiss wristwatch manufacturer.

The same article mentioned too that when the Apple rumor about the iWatch started circulating online, a patent for its name was filed in Jamaica in December 2012.

Apple’s Comment

Despite the iWatch rumors circulating online for how many months now, Apple has not confirmed yet that it is indeed developing a smartwatch.

Source: TechRadar and CNET

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