Apple confirms end-to-end encryption for iMessage and Facetime. Not even Apple can read your stuff.

Apple Dominance

Apple has release a statement to reaffirm that they take their customers privacy very seriously and that they have implemented end-to-end encryption for iMessage and Facetime. The level of encryption is so high that not even Apple themselves can read your messages or intrude on your Facetime calls. In the statement on the Apple website it states “We do not provide any government agency with direct access to our servers, and any government agency requesting customer content must get a court order.”

This press release will put the minds of Apple device users at ease that they aren’t being watched and their messages aren’t being tracked; however there are specific circumstances that information is shared with the authorities but only after a court order is taken out. The most common form of request comes from police investigating crimes, searching for missing children, locating patients with Alzheimer’s disease and trying to prevent suicide.

Apples attitude to customers data is quite relieving since the don’t collect and maintain a mountain of user data, also they have said that “There are certain categories of information which we do not provide to law enforcement or any other group because we choose not to retain it.” This shows that even though Apple is out to make as much money as possible they will not sell you’re data to do so, on this occasion they are on the side of the user.

Source: Apple