AOL will introduce another Google Reader replacement on June 24


AOL is set to be the next old company to release a new RSS reader, in light of Google Reader closing. It seems odd that Digg, AOL and possibly Facebook could be developing an RSS reader, especially since the reason for Google Reader shutting down was lack of revenue.

However, we have seen positive movements in the past few months. Feedly, one of the biggest Google Reader rivals, claimed to have more than three million new accounts added since Google announced the last days. This is the same for Reeder and other RSS feed, each claiming a big growth since the news.

AOL Reader has already been released on a closed beta and will be open starting on June 24. The reader will have some customisation tools and AOL will allow the API to be ported onto third party applications. AOL has had a long trip down the technology road and is now a lead player in media, so this could be an exciting move for the company.

Native iOS and Android apps will be coming soon, as will search, notifications and exporting feeds. It seems AOL are really invested in this project, which is good to see but questionable. Wasn’t RSS declared dead about two years ago?

Source: AOL