Android distribution numbers out for May-June period: Jellybean soon to overtake Gingerbread

Android distribution numbers for the May-June period is finally out and the results show some interesting findings.

The figure shows the number of users using each version of android and is an effective tool for developers to see which version is dominating the market.

android distibution numbers

The general trend of Jellybean expanding its share in the android market continues as Gingerbread is slowly losing its dominance. But still it is quite surprising to know that it is Gingerbread which is dominating the market and not ICS. I mean, Gingerbread is a very old OS and with Jellybean just released a year back, we would expect ICS to be the dominating version.

But things are changing quite fast as within a few months; we will see Jellybean taking over Gingerbread. Currently 36.5% of the devices are running on Gingerbread as compared to 33% Jellybean users. The Jellybean figure consists of both android 4.1 and 4.2 users and this figure is sure to increase when Sony Xperia series along with other devices get their scheduled Jellybean update.

Moreover, if the Galaxy S4 and HTC One sales continue to be as strong as before, then we would naturally see the numbers rise up rapidly. So, we can expect Jellybean to overtake Gingerbread by the end of summer.

Talking about the Ice Cream Sandwich OS, the figure remains relatively constant at 25.6%. But as mentioned before, future Jellybean updates are going to bring this figure down.

Now that Google is regularly updating their 14 day android distribution figures, it would be interesting to see how quickly the next version of android 4.3.1 grabs the market. Rumors suggest that it would be announced by the end of the month and hence, we don’t have to wait for long to get these results.

With Google Play overtaking Apple app store in the number of downloads, android seems to be in a very strong position. Android is seeing 2.5 billion app downloads a month as compared to 2 billion downloads on the iOs app store. Having a user base of over 900 billion, Apple will have a hard time keeping up their lead. With manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG releasing powerful devices running on android, we are sure that it would remain as the world’s most loved OS for years to come.