AMD Announces The FX-9590: “The First 5 GHz Processor”

AMD has just announced their latest product which they say is the first-ever commercially available 5 GHz processor. The AMD FX-9590 was announced today at E3 and features 8 Piledriver cores allowing it to reach a maximum frequency of 5 GHz. It’s going to use the AM3+ package and will initially be available to system integrators.

The AMD FX-9590 actually has a base clock of 4.7 GHz but can go as high as 5 GHz with the help of Turbo Core technology. This makes it 17.5 percent faster than the company’s current top processor which is the FX-8350.

This processor is said to be shipping out this summer with a still unannounced selling price. Regular consumers won’t be getting this yet as it will be made available initially to system integrators. The reason behind this is that this processor has a specific cooling requirement which some end users won’t be able to provide.

Bernd Lienhard, corporate vice president and general manager of the client products division at AMD said that “At E3 this week, AMD demonstrated why it is at the core of gaming. The new FX 5GHz processor is an emphatic performance statement to the most demanding gamers seeking ultra-high resolution experiences including AMD Eyefinity technology. This is another proud innovation for AMD in delivering the world’s first commercially available 5GHz processor.”

This 5 GHz processor is another milestone for AMD. Back in 2000 the company was the first to breach the 1 GHz speed. They also built the first 64-bit processor for the PC. The company also launched the first dual core and quad core processors.

AMD also announced the AMD FX-9370 which runs at a slightly lower maximum speed of 4.7 GHz. It also uses 8 Piledriver cores and comes unlocked for easy overclocking.

Both processors are expected to be used in high end gaming rigs.

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