Amazon expanding Fresh Grocery delivery service

Amazon top-box

Amazon is now expanding their fresh grocery delivery service to Los Angeles neighborhoods, there is a free 90 day trial to Amazon Prime members. This service allows you to order food and get your order delivered to you’re door the same day. This is a move that allows Amazon to take advantage of the brilliant deliver infrastructure that they have built over the years.

Amazon fresh grocery delivery started in Seattle in 2007 and has slowly been expanding itself, if the service manages to cover America and is very successful then we might see the service go international. The expansion of the service was rumoured to be going ahead last week with several sources reporting that the expansion was expected to happen within days.

Other areas that Amazon is expected to launch AmazonFresh in include San Francisco Bay Area later this year and more planned to be added in 2014. Maybe once Amazon has a sufficient enough same day delivery service they’ll add it to their regular product, which would be brilliant and take away the need to go to a store if you needed anything urgently. This will give Amazon the upper hand over the conventional brick and mortar stores who will need to play catch up.

Source: TheVerge 

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