Acer Keen on Developing Wearable Tech


Although we’ve seen the occasional smart watch or electronic sports band, there isn’t really anything that’s available to the general public that’s been innovative enough to bring the dawn of wearable tech into reality.

Acer’s smartphone chief, ST Liew, seems pretty hopeful for the future of wearable tech though, and even went so far as to say that if treated right, the industry could become large enough to turn into a multi-billion dollar market in an interview with Pocket-Lint.

That’s not as far-fetched as it seems, and as smartphones become an integral part of our lives, and manufacturers explore the possibilities of wearable tech, much like Google’s current Google Glass, there’s bound to be a market out there waiting for capable wearable smart technology.

Acer seems to have plans to bring a piece of wearable tech to the scene a lot sooner than previously expected though; the company has plans to bring out a wearable device sometime next year, and Acer, although quiet on the subject, has made sure to state that they’ll try hard to include a decent battery.

A lot of other manufacturers currently working on smartphones such as LG, Samsung and Apple have also been rumored to be working on bringing wearable tech into reality in 2014, so if any of this is to be true, next year is certainly one to look forward to.

source: bgr

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