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Acer Explains Why They Won’t Create Their Own Custom Skin


It’s no question that pretty much every manufacturer out there these days is looking to customize their Android handsets one way or another, by creating either an awesome device, or slapping a custom skin on top of Android. Acer recently took the time to tell us why they don’t like to create their own skin, and instead add a few small features on top of the core Android system. During an interview with TechRadar, Acer’s S T Liew highlighted:

“Android actually does a great job at serving up the right user experience and it allows people to migrate from one Android phone to another with relative ease. With each phone we assess its main features and we enhance those experiences with small UIs, such as the camera app or the note taking capabilities and multi-tasking tools on the Acer Liquid S1.”

Basically, they’re saying that Android is already a great interface and there’s no point in messing with it. This is great news from Acer, as many manufacturers these days are creating UIs that out right terrible. There are some places where Android could be improved, such as the camera software, so its understandable that Acer wants to add just some features to improve their devices.

I hope more manufacturers take suit of Acer’s explanation, as most Android users are always using some sort of Android skin.

Source: TechRadar

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