HTC Butterfly S and One Mini to feature Ultrapixel cameras

HTC has not been in the best of their form with problems like supply issues, management changes, bad quarterly results haunting them in their last quarter. But it seems like the company is finally making some progress in the market as new rumors suggest that the company will be releasing Htc Butterfly S, the successor of the 5 inch Butterfly and HTC One Mini with Ultrapixel cameras later this year.

This comes at a time when the company announced that they would be doubling the production of HTC One. The Smartphone sales suffered a lot due to a camera component shortage and the company has promised to make it available in required quantities.

htc one

Now, along with this increase in production, the company will be launching two main devices later this year. The first one would the successor of the famous 5 inch Butterfly, the Butterfly S and the other one would be the HTC One Mini, a scaled down version of their flagship device. What’s interesting about both the devices is that, they would feature the much talked about UltraPixel camera, which is one of the USP of the HTC One.

The ultrapixel camera is said to have revolutionalized low light photography and hence, we are pretty this would be the feature which sets apart these devices from its competitors.

The Butterfly S would have the same display as its predecessor, i.e. the 5 inch with a 1080p screen. But it would be having a bigger batter and the ultrapixel camera, which would make it slightly thicker than the HTC One. I am sure most of the users won’t mind their devices being fat provided they have a large battery life. Other features include a newer version of the Snapdragon processor used and a Micro SD slot.

Now coming to the HTC One Mini, the device would feature the Ultrapixel camera along with a dual core processor, 4.3 inch 720p screen, 2GB Ram and android 4.2 with Sense 5. It may also have a 16GB internal memory with 1700mAh battery.

Both the devices would be unveiled soon. Rumors suggest that the Butterfly S is expected to be released by the end of June, while the One Mini will be unveiled around June mid.

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