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Samsung GT-I9600 model running on android 4.3.2 spotted on AnTuTu Benchmark

A mysterious Samsung device has shown up on the AnTuTu benchmark. What’s even more surprising is that it is running android 4.3.2 version which is not yet announced.

AnTuTu benchmark database has revealed us some of the famous smartphones specs like that of S4 before launch and hence, when we get some new leak via AnTuTu, we naturally get excited.

Gt I9600

The benchmark results show that the device model no. is GT-I9600, which looks quite similar to the naming scheme of Samsung. So, let’s assume this is a Samsung device.

Next, according to the model no. the device could be the next Galaxy S5. But isn’t it a bit too early for the benchmark results of S5 to be showing up? So, it’s safe to assume that the device is not the galaxy s5, which leaves us with the question, what is it then?

Well, one possible answer is the Galaxy S4 plus, a variant of S4. But as you can see in the benchmark scores, the device scores only around 15,000 points, well below the current Galaxy S4 as well as the SIII scores. So it could be a mid range device or the device is just in its early stages and after the firmware is fully finished, the scores might improve.

Another interesting thing of the benchmark score is that the device is running on android 4.3.2 and not the 4.3.1. The next version of android is not yet released and even if Google announces it later this year, it should obviously start with android 4.3.1. So, it’s quite hard to believe that these benchmark results are entirely true. They could have been modified and hence, the actual device specs may be different than what is shown here.

Well, we are sure more details about the device would come up later this year, so we’ll keep you guys updated of the same.


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