6-inch 1600 x 2560 pixel displays may be coming next year

2014 may be the year of 6-inch mobile LCD panels with resolutions of 2560 x 1600 pixels (WQXGA) and pixel densities of 500 pixels per inch. This information comes from Korea’s ET News, which cites industry insiders from Korea and Japan as its source. Such LCD panels are an improvement over the 5-inch 1080p displays with pixel densities of 440 pixels per inch, which have been the best that mobile device makers had been able to offer this year.


According to ET News, LG Display, Japan Display, and Sharp are three of the companies working on said displays.

To produce the screens with more than 500 ppi, LG Display will reportedly use Advanced high performance-In plane switching or AH-IPS. Meanwhile, Japan Display and Sharp are also attempting to develop the technology so that they will be able to supply Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. Both Samsung and LG are supposedly considering using Japan-made panels.

ET News reports that even with the full HD displays offered today, consumers are still demanding for displays that show crisper and more vibrant images and text.

Surveys show that young mobile device users are able to detect a difference between a display that has a 400 ppi versus that which has a 500 ppi. Furthermore, the growing number of phablets would necessitate better displays.

On the other hand, a contradicting study cited by Phonearena claims that generally, consumers are not able to tell apart a 1080p display from a 720p display from a regular viewing distance. This raises the question of whether there is a need to keep improving the pixel densities and resolutions on mobile devices.

Phonearena notes that as early as 2011, Toshiba reported that it had been able to produce a 1600p display. Japan Display and Sharp have also released 1600p displays in 2012.

via phonearena, etnews