Xbox will allow secondhand game sales, but will charge new buyers


After the Xbox Event, Microsoft decided to reveal some other features and allow journalists access to the Xbox Kinect and controller. One sad feature coming to the Xbox One is the fact users will be able to sell games, but the buyer will have to pay again for the privilege.

This is an odd topic and delving into it will mean elaborating on the concept of a sale and why the disc is no longer proof the user owns the content. The disc is simply a license, a one time license to the user to play the game.

One great feature offered is the ability to play the game without the disc as soon as it is fully downloaded, meaning the disc is basically a redundant format that desperately needs to be digital.

We have not found out about price plans yet regarding the resale, but it will definitely corrupt and may end used game stores and eBay second hand buyers and sellers business.

The crippling fact is Microsoft and Sony both look at the gaming industry as one that needs to be digital, and we expect new titles will be on digital download by day one.

Microsoft may offer significant decreases in payments if user accounts are connected through family connections. This means the two users share the same IP and thus live in the same house.

Family will become a bigger feature on the Xbox One, if Microsoft intends to bring this to the living room, it may be a great opportunity to offer free incentives like a family owning one game without paying three or four times.

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