Xbox One revealed: All In One gaming system


Microsoft has finally unveiled the new console and they have named it the Xbox One. The console will be an ‘All In One’ entertainment system, offering games, movies, TV, music and apps.

Xbox One will be Microsoft crowning achievement this year, with Windows 8 in the dumps and Office 365 not blasting through the sales. This new entertainment hub could capture millions of potential users.

Microsoft has redeveloped the console, it is larger and comes with a four tone design. Inside the console is 8GB of RAM and runs on new chipset design for developers to easily tackle building games and experiences for Xbox One.

Kinect was also shown off, it has better voice control and from the event is seems to work perfectly with movement, although we will have to wait and see if anything has really changed on the motion sensor.

The Xbox One will have cable TV capabilities, meaning if you are subscribed to Comcast or any other cable provider, you will be able to watch cable through the Xbox One.

This may not be new for PC gamers, but now multitasking is truly unveiled on the Xbox One, the user can switch from a game to a movie to the TV just by telling Kinect to move.

While the technology is impressive on stage, we hope Xbox One will deliver vast and clear experiences and not just half worked multitasking and control.

Finally moving onto games, Xbox One revealed some impressive new marks with their games and said they have 15 exclusive titles ready for launch and 8 of these will be new franchises.

Microsoft has said they will launch their full pre-launch line up of games at E3, with more news on the Xbox One. We will have to wait until June 10 for the full look.