Xbox One adds picture in picture for video calls while Gaming

Xbox one

Along with the announcement of the new Xbox One they Microsoft has also announce some really cool updates to the software, for instance the ability to go from totally focused on the game and then go to picture in picture mode that allows you to use Skype while gaming. This is where the new and improved kinect comes in with it’s 1080p quality and wide angle lens.

The design of the Skype client is not like it normally looks when you use it on your tablet of computer, it looks like this version has been specifically designed to fit in nicely with your experience. When you are in a Skype call however you will lose a portion of your screen to the right and by the looks of it the video isn’t going to be that large considering the amount of screen real estate it’s taking up.

A new feature that is specific to the Xbox One is group video chat, you can now video chat with multiple people while your all playing on different games or watch netflix. I would make one recommendation if you’re going to stream a movie or play on like be weary that you connection might become unbearable to use because you are using so much bandwidth; this only applies if your not one of the hopefuls waiting for Google fibre.

Source – TechCrunch 

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